Welcome to Kalido MDM 11

Our latest version of Magnitude Software’s industry leading Master Data Manager, Kalido MDM 11 is now available – which represents the culmination of our MDM innovations.

Kalido V 11 release

Starting with MDM 10 in 2017, we’ve introduced and enhanced vast areas of the program.  A partial list includes:

  • New matching, merging and survivorship functionality in MDM Harmonization
  • A new way to build custom interfaces in MDM and MDM Workbench
  • Elastic search, that allows near instantaneous return of ANY data from ANY category based on ANY attribute, with rich logical operator support
  • A major revision to how to store and process data, drastically reducing processing times of large implementations
  • Direct support of ODBC connectors and gateways from our own Simba division and others
  • A new look and feel via an updated user interface while eliminating the need for retraining

This has been a three-year long effort with one goal in mind: providing the best value to our customers.  Besides introducing these and other features (many driven by customer requests), we have certified new versions of our supported databases and implemented many of the Kalido services to use all available memory.

We’re proud of these customer enhancements, but we are not done yet. We are working on many new features for our next version for 2020 and beyond.  Among the features that our customers can expect include: extensions to the API to better support real-time processing, connector and gateway support for export (e.g. sending governed data back to the source, or to downstream applications directly) upon publication, support for lookup in attributes that can hold multiple values, digital asset management (storing documents, pictures, etc. inside MDM), more survivorship options, and many more.

Now that we’ve migrated to a modern HTML 5 based user interface, we will continue to streamline operations and increase ease of use. These efforts will focus on increasing ease of use and making all tasks with MDM easier and quicker.

To see Kalido MDM in action, watch our videos that show off the new functionality and UI.