UTi Worldwide Jumpstarts Financial Reporting with Noetix

With operations in more than 70 countries, UTi Worldwide Inc. is a complex organization primarily focused on ‘freight forwarding’ – shipping customer freight across oceans and continents.

UTi is undergoing a massive business transformation which includes replacing their legacy financial systems with Oracle Financials R12.  A major piece of this project was to roll-out Oracle Financials to UTi’s different business entities in different countries in parallel with building a financial data warehouse. When it came to reporting from Oracle Financials, UTi realized it faced challenges delivering reports to both finance users, as well as those who did not have access to Oracle Financials.

Looking for a solution that could provide them a jumpstart, UTi considered Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, but found the applications would not work with their existing Cognos reporting tool.

UTi purchased NoetixViews for Oracle Financials, Purchasing, Global Extension, and Noetix Generator for Cognos BI, and the production environment was up and running in a few weeks.  “In terms of reporting, Noetix comes with prebuilt reports that business users can actually start leveraging,” said Avinash Gupta, senior manager for the Data Architecture and Reporting Group.  “We chose Noetix because it gave users an accelerated framework from which to create their own reports.”

UTi initially developed a handful of critical financial reports that they made available to the financial group.  The global IT team’s goal is to provide support for 20 super users that would, in turn, support hundreds of end users for reporting needs— eventually supporting other departments that would include tens of thousands of employees.

With NoetixViews and Cognos, the IT team is building and deploying important common reports, and the Finance group can also build their own reports for specific requirements.

“The biggest benefit was the speed of implementation – we got Noetix up and running very quickly,” said Gupta.  “And Noetix is very, very beneficial for our users because not every business user can understand the metadata within Oracle Financials.  Having the Noetix Search tool helps a lot.”

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