100 Year Old Tool Manufacturer Transforms BI Environment With Help from Noetix

The L.S. Starrett Company was founded in 1880 to manufacture the combination square product invented by founder Laroy S. Starrett in 1877.  In August 2009, the company began an ERP upgrade from Oracle Applications 10.7 to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (R12).  IT recognized the opportunity to overhaul the reporting infrastructure and transform and standardize the business intelligence environment.  They hoped to accelerate the reporting process by significantly reducing the time to delivery and by training key end users to generate their own reports.

Prior to the R12 upgrade, Starrett used Oracle Discoverer for sales analysis reporting from a specific custom database, and all operational and financial information came from customized Oracle reports.  To distribute this information they printed on a dot matrix printer and physically tore the reports into sections.  Then, a mail person would hand deliver them to each department.  “We’ve got over 500,000 square feet at headquarters, so a guy would walk quite a few miles in a day,” jokes Mark Sprague, Manager of Corporate Information Systems at Starrett.

Starrett purchased Noetix Platform, Noetix Search, and NoetixViews for Financials, Discrete Manufacturing, Order Management, and Purchasing.  Sprague said the key selling factor for him was Noetix’s ability to generate a report and export it to Excel.

Prior to the Oracle upgrade and the Noetix implementation, the process to obtain information was time consuming and cumbersome.  “The turnaround for most reports would be about a 40 hour effort,” said Sprague.  “Today, most reports can be easily completed within a day.”

Armed with new information, the end user base is able to create new financial reports and IT has created core reports that act as a barometer for the business.  The new reports have been especially beneficial from an order fulfillment perspective, providing insight on orders that are stalled, enabling timely corrective actions.

“I don’t know if an IT job is ever done but we’re still working very hard to optimize and mature our processes and reporting where we can bring other Starrett subsidiaries online. Noetix reporting has most certainly helped streamline the reporting process,” says Sprague.

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