The Data Connectivity Imperative for Business Users and ISVs

Businesses are creating data at an explosive rate. Accessing that data from countless sources – in the cloud, on premises, from IoT devices and apps – or via hybrid environments in and of itself, is difficult at best. And the ease of putting that data to good use within popular business applications is practically impossible. Both these challenges require reliable and efficient data connectivity … a struggle for almost every organization. In part, and quite frankly, this is due to the fact that managing connectivity solutions takes useful resources away from other business, IT and product development requirements.

Today, business users and independent software vendors (ISVs) face distinct sets of data connectivity challenges.

  • Most enterprises have numerous applications and data sources, making real-time data access a challenge – which throws the urgency of decision-making straight out the window.
  • Many ISVs are grappling with high distribution cost of data source drivers and updates.

So how do we even approach those challenges? Read my Enterprise and ISV blog posts for more insights on overcoming today’s mounting data connectivity issues.

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