Noetix Customer Tempel Wins Manufacturing Leadership Award


Noetix customer Tempel has been awarded the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award in the project category of Enterprise Technology Leadership.

The Manufacturing Leadership Awards honor companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing.  “The dramatic improvement driven by Tempel through its global ERP and business intelligence initiatives make the company a worthy recipient of the Enterprise Technology Leadership award,” said Heather Holst-Knudsen, president, Manufacturing Leadership Council.

As the world’s leading independent manufacturer of precision magnetic steel laminations, Tempel’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and BI projects were initiated to enable better decision making and to boost the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

“Our efforts have centralized and streamlined global data management at Tempel and Noetix played a large part in making our project a success,” said Michael Morell, IT Development Supervisor at Tempel.  “We are honored to receive the Manufacturing Leadership award.”

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