Strata + Hadoop NY 2016: Data Gets Even Bigger

This week’s annual Strata + Hadoop World in New York City was, as one tweet described it, “The Lollapalooza of Big Data.” Magnitude Software had a great conference, meeting with customers, prospects and top analysts while taking in all that the ever-evolving data landscape has to offer.

Our big takeaways?

hadoop9Big Data Services

Not just big data, but big data services … and even more services. Enterprises are looking for new ways to leverage the data they already have, as well as identify the actionable data they need to collect – and are hungry for outside expertise. Big Data is still a growing sector and the need for innovation is only increasing.

The 4S’s: Secure, Simplify, Stream, Scale

Whether taken separately or linked, these topics were constant themes.

With the wealth of data now available to enterprises, the need to secure and properly provision that data is more necessary than ever; a Ponemon Institute report noted that 71 percent of employees said they “had too much access to confidential company data.”

Companies are focused on finding ways to simplify all aspects of their businesses – from processes to analytics to architecture – and on finding the right data among fragmented applications to drive growth.

The management of the rivers that fill data lakes was a top-of-mind subject for many attendees. There’s a rising level of awareness that the integrity of data at the source and in transit has significant impact on the success of its consolidation and analysis to lead to valuable insights.

The ability to scale was a common refrain among featured speakers. With Big Data moving to the cloud, on-premises IT is transforming, which opens up opportunities to provide agility and flexibility to enterprises operating in public and private clouds.

Artificial Intelligence

The application of AI and advanced analytics continues to have tremendous potential, and this area – especially machine learning – is a constant arena for innovation. In his keynote address, Martin Hall, senior director of analytics platforms at Intel, contended that in order to fully tap AI’s potential, there needs to be more collaboration and openness among innovators.

hadoop2Women in Data

The roles women fill in Big Data and the tech sector in general are continuing to grow. Sessions at Strata + Hadoop not only brought together women already in those roles, but also focused on the need to increase the number of women in the field through organizations like Girls Who Code.

New Players

Strata + Hadoop World is where startups in data wrangling and prep – as well as established companies testing new waters – come to connect with one another and get updated on the cutting edge of the industry. There were 144 exhibitors at this year’s conference, a 10 percent jump from last year!

Oh, and one thing left off of our shortlist that shouldn’t be ignored: elephants everywhere you looked. After all, it is Hadoop!



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