Executive Q & A with Noetix President Doug Moore

We caught up with Noetix President Doug Moore after the recent acquisition to get his thoughts…

Why did Noetix agree to be acquired by Silverback?

As Noetix starts its 20th year in business, the last 12 years with venture capital investors, an exciting new chapter begins with Silverback ownership and the vision to see our unique solutions reach their full potential in the market.  Silverback is a well-financed business with expertise in acquiring and growing industry leading software companies.  From my early discussions with them, I was excited that this acquisition would propel Noetix forward in its growth strategy while maintaining its focus on the current core business.

Why was Silverback interested in Noetix?

Silverback specializes in acquiring great companies that have innovative products but appear to be in a more fragmented market.  Then they encourage rapid expansion through both organic growth and acquisitions.  This is the plan for Noetix.  Silverback believes there are many parts of the BI market that are under-served and that Noetix can be a platform to address a greater breadth of needs in the marketplace.  Noetix represents a huge opportunity because of our highly skilled and talented employees, impressive customer base, high customer retention, and innovative products.

How does this acquisition affect Noetix customers?

Silverback’s focus across all their businesses is long-term customer success.  The four pillars to their customer success strategy include a tailored customer success action plan for every customer, a focused product roadmap, high-touch, technology-enabled customer support, and programs that deliver enhanced value to customers.

The acquisition of Noetix offers numerous benefits to our existing customers.  With access to increased resources, Noetix will be able to expand its geographic reach and make significant future investments in product development, service and support, and hosting infrastructure.  With the scale and resources of Silverback, we are also well positioned for long-term business intelligence market leadership.

What does this announcement mean for Noetix employees?

Silverback understands the value that people bring to the organizations they acquire and feel it is critical to retain those key employees.  It is Silverback’s current plan that we continue to operate as an independent company, doing business as Noetix.  We are confident that this acquisition presents a solid commitment to our existing business while at the same time elevating Noetix to be part of an exciting larger vision.  We believe this will generate a great outcome for Noetix, its employees, partners and customers.

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