Magnitude Customer speak Out on time to value

Customer success is our highest priority and we continue to seek feedback directly from our customers in support of the partnership that leads to that success. In October, I shared my  ‘How Magnitude Drives Operational Efficiencies’ article. In this follow-up, I share another common theme that drives our long-standing relationships with customers – faster time to value.

Every data-driven company seeks to drive process efficiencies across their organization, including the ability for business users to self-serve enterprise data. Unfortunately, the reality of our complex environments of masses of data (more created every day!), legacy systems, mobile apps, cloud/SaaS data, Big Data and distributed workforces means self-service access to data from which we can quickly derive valuable insights is an insurmountable challenge – even with significant IT intervention.

With 80% of companies reporting high or moderate degrees of data silos, businesses are struggling to glean insights in our increasingly fragmented application and data environments. This growing complexity across the data lifecycle creates hurdles for enterprises on their data-driven journey.

Across Magnitude – from our newly acquired subsidiaries to our original product portfolio – we’re helping our customers not only get to better information faster, but also realize faster time to value. Our ability to do so stems from a single focus on operational efficiencies through unified application data management, deep knowledge of SAP and Oracle environments, experience from thousands of implementations, and  a best-in-class service and support organization.

Here’s what customers are saying about the faster time to value gained from our solutions.

The speed at which data can be translated into concrete usable and actionable information is really powerful

We can run reports very fast…and not rely on IT.  It helped us to reducing lead-time, improving customer service and reducing stocks.

Time spent developing reports has decreased by 80 percent since the Noetix deployment.

Reduced the time it takes to publish 20,000 products to the web to just 1 hour.

Saved 14,800 man-hours  in 9 months with a ROI realized in just 2 months.

To learn more about how Magnitude helps organizations and departments – from finance, supply chain, marketing and commerce, and application development/IT – to unify fragmented data, deliver actionable insights for critical business decisions and extend the value of infrastructure investments, check out our resource library.