Oracle Subledger Accounting and EBS Security

By Mohan Pothuri, Director, Product Development at Noetix

Subledger accounting can be described as a hub of accounting data as this information from various Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) modules flows to General Ledger (GL) through Subledger Accounting (SLA).

Not all modules in EBS share the same level of security, and as illustrated in the following example, things can get pretty complicated. EBS applications pertaining to Payables, Receivables, and Purchasing are driven by operating unit-level security.  Applications such as General Ledger and Fixed Assets are controlled by ledger-level security. Even though applications such as Inventory, WIP, and Receiving are controlled by inventory organization-level security, the accounting information pertaining to these modules can be accessed through the Costing module, which is controlled by ledger-level security (see Figure 1).


Figure1: Oracle EBS modules and Applicable Security

With Subledger Accounting, Oracle introduced another level of security to control the access to SLA data through a profile called “SLA: Additional Data Access Set.”  As per Oracle documentation, the “SLA: Additional Data Access Set” profile option, in conjunction with the “GL: Data Access Set” profile option, controls which ledgers and balancing or management segment values you can access by user responsibility.

When multiple security settings are used in Oracle E-Business Suite, the complexity of security behavior pertaining to accessing SLA or non-SLA data increases.  The following table outlines the applicable security settings when content specific to SLA or non-SLA is accessed.


Table 1: Oracle E-Business Suite Security Settings

To further illustrate the concept, let’s take a look at the security behavior pertaining to accessing SLA with an example. Consider a scenario in which SSC US Ledger has two operating units, namely SSC US 01 and SSC US 02. The table below reveals the results of testing on a standard vision instance of EBS Release 12.1.3.  Access is restricted to one operating unit even though the ledger has two operating units.


Table 2: Sample data explaining security behavior when MOAC is used in conjunction with SLA: Additional Data Access Set profile

Please note this article discusses the security options in EBS related to accessing information in SLA.  For information about the various layers of security available in Oracle E-Business suite, see the Oracle EBS System Administrators Guide. This article assumes that the user has the basic understanding of how MOAC and Ledger- based security works in Oracle E-Business Suite.

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