Noetix Featured in the Bloor Group’s Operational Intelligence Directory

Bloor GroupThe Bloor Group recently invited Noetix and other select vendors who use the term Operational Intelligence (OI) to brief them on their technology and show a demo of their solution.  Bloor then created an online OI Market Directory listing of the companies which includes a recorded demo of each solution.

According to Bloor, the purpose of the Directory is to refine and reframe the definition of OI based on research with these companies.  Potential buyers can visit the Directory to learn more about the functionalities, capabilities, and relationships of the various solutions which are providing the enabling technologies to process, deliver, and analyze the data that impacts day-to-day operations and decision making in an organization.

Visit to listen to Noetix EVP of Products & Services, Pat Roche, talk about how the Noetix solution is different.  For more information on the OI Market Directory, visit

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