Online Training Class: NoetixViews Workbench

Since 2012, more than 400 people have enrolled in Kalido product training courses in the Virtual Classroom. The training courses combine multi-media text and video content with lots of hands-on experience working directly with the software.  Now, I’m excited to announce that the first Noetix product training course is available online.

The NoetixViews Workbench course in the Virtual Classroom helps students become proficient in using NoetixViews Workbench to customize and extend NoetixViews to meet reporting requirements not met out-of-the-box. Students play the role of a Noetix Developer in a fictitious company where reporting requirements change regularly. The course progresses through all of the NoetixViews Workbench features, from the most commonly used customization options through to less frequently used, but equally important, types of modifications. In addition to learning how to modify existing views, and how to add custom views to the Noetix framework, students learn how to manage packages of view customizations across multiple NoetixViews environments.

The course is made up of two components:

  • Instructional videos, exercise content, and other course collateral in the Virtual Classroom.
  • A personalized, individual cloud-based training environment which includes all the software and underlying infrastructure students need to perform the 20 hands-on course exercises.

How does it work?

After completing a few high-level sessions on NoetixViews Workbench and other components of the Noetix framework, students begin watching videos that cover a specific topic. Each topic includes background information on not just ‘how’ to do something, but also ‘why’ you might want to do it a certain way, and then shows a video demonstrating exactly how to accomplish the task.

Almost all topics are followed by a hands-on exercise in NoetixViews Workbench, putting into practice the functionality students have just learned. As the course progresses, you repeat tasks you’ve done previously, and each time the course supplies fewer instructions, ensuring you’re practicing the most common customizations regularly.

In addition, your personalized environment includes a Training Center application, which validates the successful completion of each exercise, or gives you an explanation of what’s missing so you can return and complete it correctly. It also includes a ‘solution’ environment, which lets you see the expected result for each exercise.

Your training environment also includes a chat tool which you can use for live chats with a member of our world-class Noetix Support team. They can help with any of your course questions.

Why train online?

Online training gives you all the benefits of the classroom, at a time and pace that suits your needs. The video content and other collateral in the Virtual Classroom is yours forever, so you can return to it for a review at any time. And you have access to your personalized training environment for a full two weeks, which means you can complete the training course when it’s convenient for you.

Click here for more information or to order the new NoetixViews Workbench class.

Virtual Classroom – Start of Exercise 204

Virtual Classroom – Start of Exercise 204

Training Center / personalized environment – Exercise 204 in progress

Training Center / personalized environment – Exercise 204 in progress