By David Engel, Product Development Manager

It’s been a while since the last version of Noetix Platform shipped (5.9 in November of 2013) and the next release is right around the corner.  Along with Noetix Platform, we will be releasing new versions of the Noetix Generator for Noetix Platform, Noetix Dashboards, and the Noetix Add-in for Excel.

You might be wondering what’s coming in the next release.  Well we’ve tackled some of the bigger pain points in the underlying technology stack to bring it up-to-date.  Most notably, we’ve added support for Chrome and Firefox in all web-facing components – Noetix WebQuery (NWQ), NWQ Administrator, Noetix Dashboards, and Noetix Generator Manager.  We are certifying and officially supporting the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox in our testing.

The next notable update was to switch to native 64-bit processes on 64-bit operating systems.  Adding native 64-bit support allows us to support 64-bit versions of SQL Server and eliminates a 2GB memory ceiling in Noetix QueryServer (NQS) hit by customers with a very large number of VTables and other associated NQS objects.  It also allows us to support SQL Server clustering on 64-bit versions of Windows.  Since we only supported 32-bit SQL Server in 5.9, this limited clustering options to Windows Server 2008, the last version of Windows Server which was available in 32-bit format.

Other small changes include:

  • Usability improvements in NWQ
  • Better logging and visibility into NWQ subscription deliveries
  • Ability to define printer-specific paper sources for NWQ print subscriptions
  • Ability to define user-specific date/time default formats in NWQ

In addition to those changes, we’ve added support for all the latest versions of Windows, SQL Server, and Excel.  We’ve also addressed quite a few outstanding bugs.

Watch for 6.0 to be released very soon!