Noetix helps RAD Data Communications Save Time and Improve Efficiency

RAD Data Communications, a major manufacturer of high quality access and backhaul equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications, maintains 32 offices on six continents, supporting 300 sales channels in 165 countries.  RAD had operated on Oracle E-Business Suite for ten years, and IT was using Oracle Discoverer for its reporting tool, but management felt the company could benefit from more widespread access to a high level of information analysis, statistics, and reporting.

“We were using Discoverer, but widespread use of the tool was limited to the existing reports that were available,” said Peter Kucharik, RAD vice president of operations.  “We had one very technical IT person developing customized reports.  If a user wanted to make changes to the report or had specific report requirements, they had to log a request with IT and then wait.”

Realizing that Discoverer would not be the best long-term solution, RAD began looking at other reporting tools.  “During the product evaluation, we found greater flexibility with Noetix than with any other product, including Oracle Business Intelligence,” said Kucharik.

RAD purchased NoetixViews for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill of Materials, Cost Management, and the Supply Chain Management bundles, along with Noetix Generator, Noetix Platform, and Noetix Dashboard.  As part of the Noetix implementation, RAD’s IT department and end users received in-house training and were able to generate reports and begin deriving value from the solution “almost immediately,” according to Kucharik.

With all of this new information at their fingertips, RAD is improving its customer service by using Noetix to develop customer reports that consolidate and simplify information about all orders including costs, dates, and amounts.  RAD’s customer request response time for special reports has decreased, and customers receive status reports on a more regular basis.  “Today, we can immediately respond to customer’s needs as opposed to going through IT and waiting for a Discoverer report to be generated,” said Kucharik.

Noetix has alleviated the reporting bottleneck at RAD, enabling the process to be delegated to many people who, in most cases, can access the information they require and develop reports without help from IT.  According to Kucharik, “Noetix is saving us a lot of time and greatly improving the efficiency of our reporting environment.  We have not done an official ROI analysis, but there’s no question about the value of Noetix’s solution and its impact on our business.”

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