Noetix Exec Discusses Spreadmarts for BI on DM Radio

Pat Roche, executive vice president of Products and Services at Noetix, will be featured on this week’s DM Radio program discussing strategies for dealing with the widespread use of spreadmarts in the enterprise.  DM Radio broadcasts programs featuring business technology trends from the Information Management website at

WHAT: Keep it Real: Why Spreadmart Awareness Pays Dividends: The most pervasive tool for business intelligence remains Microsoft Excel, despite a world of innovation in BI tools of all shapes and sizes.  Appreciating this reality will pay significant dividends, but only if you have a strategy for dealing with it.  Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear several experts discuss ways to manage a disparate data environment.  Host Eric Kavanagh will interview Wayne Eckerson of the BI Leadership Forum, plus Rick Sherman of Athena IT Solutions, Chris Sorensen of Ideaca, and Pat Roche of Noetix.

WHEN: This event takes place on Thurs., March 6 at 3 p.m. ET and lasts one hour, then is archived.

WHO: Pat Roche has been with Noetix for 13 years and brings 25 years of software development and management experience.  As EVP of Products and Services, Pat is responsible for the complete product development lifecycle for all product lines including: NoetixViews, NoetixViews Workbench, NoetixAnswers, Noetix Analytics, Noetix Generator, Noetix Search, and Noetix Platform.


UPDATE:  You can listen to the recording of this episode here.

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