Migrating to Release 12? Plan Ahead.

Release 12 (R12) of Oracle E-Business Suite is a major upgrade to the Oracle Applications software.  Upgrading to R12 will be a significant challenge for your organization because of the underlying database changes.  As a result, a critical component of your application solution, reporting, will be negatively impacted unless proactive measures are taken before go live.


  • Some 11i queries will easily migrate to R12 with no changes at all, and some will need table name changes.
  • Some 11i queries will need moderate attention — Data moved to TCA and customer correspondence will require query re-writes, but basic reports may remain the same.
  • Some 11i queries won’t migrate 1:1 to R12 — SLA may require new reports, queries, and ETL routines.

Why consider Noetix now?

  • Confirm configuration is set up properly — ledgers, COAs, OUs, etc.
  • Confirm flexfields are configured properly and frozen.
  • Confirm look up values are configured properly.
  • Confirm data migration — write scripts or reports using NoetixViews to help validate data migration.
  • 11i to R12 — Run reports in parallel for further validation of migration.

The key to a successful Oracle E-Business Suite project is getting reports to the stakeholders that sponsored the project on Day 1.  Learn more by downloading the Noetix datasheet.

For more information on the Lifetime Support Policy of Oracle Fusion Middleware, click here.

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