Magnitude MDM Customer Benefits Assurance Program

Magnitude puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring customers get the most out of our software. Of course, it’s a major focus during the initial deployment, but equally important, if not more so, is an ongoing checkpoint of whether our customers are hitting the targets they have defined for themselves.

The first instantiation of this program, which is still an important part of the broader Customer Benefits Assurance (CBA) today, is the Pulse Program. In this, logfiles are examined to determine key throughput and performance metrics for the MDM and DIW products. Capturing logfiles is non-intrusive and allows Magnitude data architects to analyze overall system performance and is a great starting point for understanding how the system is being used. However, for a broader understanding of how well a customer is meeting their goals, a broader review is required. And it’s why we introduced our CBA program.

A CBA engagement is much more hands-on and is a 2-way discussion with the customer allowing Magnitude solution architects to gain a broader appreciation of not only how well the system is being used, but whether it is delivering the intended benefits.

A CBA engagement is typically a 1-2 day on-site engagement and starts with an interview with the executive stakeholders to outline both current and future needs. The process continues with interviews with both technical and business users and concludes with ‘readout recommendations’ from the Magnitude team. These generally include best practices and tips for IT around architecture and performance, as well as recommendations on the business side around system design, usability, and change management, and can be wide-ranging in nature.

These discussions are also the basis for joint planning around system upgrade and migration, managed services, use of cloud deployments, system ROI and value justification, particularly, regarding use case expansion.

Many MDM and DIW customers have been through a Pulse or full CBA analysis, and all have been pleased with the value it has brought them. In fact, these programs have been so successful that they are being expanded to other product lines, and best of all – they are no cost to our customers!

If you are interested in a CBA assessment, please contact your Magnitude sales representative, who will determine the best way to follow up.