The recent announcement that Magnitude has acquired Simba Technologies has been met with excitement by both the media and around the Magnitude offices.  Some of our Magnitude leadership team reflect on the news:

S_Bueher_220cSusie Beuhler
Chief People Officer

Magnitude’s Chief People Officer, Susie Buehler, has plenty of new people to be excited about, or as she puts it, “people are awesome, fascinating and interesting, and now we have more of them!”

Susie is looking forward to leveraging Magnitude’s growth to help the talented people working at Magnitude and those joining from Simba, with their career goals.  She believes that with Simba joining the Magnitude team, “1 + 1 > 2 and it’s fun to be part of success.”

In addition, Susie is eager to see what Magnitude can accomplish with Simba’s additional expertise in providing connectivity to the Microsoft, Google, Amazon and SAP ecosystems.

Darren Peirce, Magnitude’s CTO is excited about the joint product opportunities, Simba’s engineering capabilities and opportunities the acquisition provides.  “Each team has valuable products and technology, and with go-to-market synergies, together we can achieve more.”

Like Susie, Darren has been impressed with the people joining the fold from Simba.  Darren feels that Simba has, “built a very strong engineering organization and that the relationships Amyn [Simba CEO], and his team have built with executives in leading software companies represent an awesome opportunity.”

Clearly, there is plenty to be excited about. Stay tuned for another blog post covering more thoughts from Magnitude executives.

Darren Peirce
Vice President of Products
and Chief Technology Officer

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