Magnitude Essential Reading List: January 2018 Edition

We’re gearing up for an exciting and energizing 2018 with our expanded, global Magnitude family that now includes Agility Multichannel and Innowera. Check out what industry and business leaders are saying as they reflect on our recent acquisition news.

From unifying the enterprise across fragmented environments to simplifying critical data access for our customers, we’d like to share a few highlights of our insights and resources for your January reading list:

5 Imperatives for an Effective and Valuable Data Lake: Discover how to reduce data silos and deliver greater data access and insights with these five tips from the GM of our Magnitude Integration business, Tony Fisher in DBTA.

Seven Scenarios for How & Where MDM Delivers Clear Business Value: MDM on its own isn’t a strategy. But without it, it’s difficult to reach business goals in a repeatable, scalable manner. Find out how and where your company can successfully leverage MDM to drive business value in this report by Gartner.

Winning in Omnichannel begins with a 360 View of your Customer: Customer data has never been more valuable given the morphing of retail into an omnichannel world. And capturing a 360 view of both online and offline activity is the holy grail! Our CTO, Darren Peirce shares his advice on how to achieve this level of visibility in your business.

How effectively is your organization optimizing working capital? Access our on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can overcome the challenges of measuring working capital components in an actionable way—and positively impact your ROI.

Accelerate your SAP Central Finance Implementation: Read our guide to learn about solutions that provide both physical and logical integrations into SAP Central Finance.

We’re looking forward to another year of momentum, developing and delivering innovative solutions for our customers and collaborating with our partners. Be sure to stay updated by reading our latest blog posts.