Kalido listed in “DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data”

This week Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine, recognized Kalido for “presence, execution, vision, and innovation in delivering products and services to the marketplace”. Our company is one of a notable list of data solutions providers included in the inaugural “DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data.”

Whenever our company gets recognition like this, and it has happened many times over the years, we are appreciative and reflective. We appreciate that others perceive the value we sincerely try to deliver every day and we reflect on what that value is and how we can amplify it one customer at a time. We’ve enlisted TechValidate, a market research firm to poll our clients and help us understand the value we enable for them and I wanted to share some of that.

DBTA 100

Clearly, Big Data is the elephant in the room, time-to-business insight is everything and the use of analytics is spreading like wildfire; rapidly updating tools and reports with new and time relevant data is no longer a nice-to-have. And when last I looked toward the corner office I didn’t see bags of money waiting to be claimed. So we are on two seemingly divergent missions. The first is to lead the industry for speed in integrating time-relevant information for data scientists and business decision makers. And second, to continue driving down Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) for companies that build their data foundations using the Kalido Information Engine. Independent research firm TechValidate surveyed Kalido customers and their “Speed Premium” note tells the story.

techvalidateWhen companies dare to challenge the status quo, let go of old practices and embrace some that are new, they stand out from the crowd. The data that TechValidate has gathered proves it out; Kalido customers who embrace both our agile platform and an agile methodology integrate data faster and dramatically reduce manpower and tools costs.

I like to think that we make lists like the Top 100 because we truly are executing our strategy of speeding integration, lowering costs and enabling our customers break away from the pack. It’s what we do.

See firsthand why Kalido is considered a company that matters most in data.

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