How to Overcome the Business Intelligence Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

As a follow-up to our Reconciling Oracle Projects with the General Ledger demo, we’ll dive deeper on examining the top business intelligence (BI) challenges and provide insights for streamlining the manually-intensive process of implementing reporting tools and enterprise-wide BI initiatives.

Today’s BI and analytics leaders face enormous complex challenges in just trying to keep up with the rapid pace of evolving ERP architectures. They also need to deal with integration headaches while trying to bridge the gap for future needs of user groups.

Watch this video to learn how to prepare your organization for the future while addressing current business needs with a centralized data platform with pre-built, extensible content using your BI platform of choice.

Key topics:

  • How organizations are making use of pre-built content to accelerate their business analytics
  • Getting started with centralizing your organization’s data from multiple ERPs and external applications
  • Best practices for giving your user groups the confidence they need to become self-reliant
  • Demonstration of combined reporting from an Azure SQL Database and Power BI in action, including: Oracle Projects, Oracle Financials, Discover Replacement, MDM and CPQ Cloud

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