magnitude customers speak out on ROI

Today’s digital enterprises face enormous application and data challenges. In an increasingly fragmented data environment, they’re grappling with scale complexity as the velocity, volume, and variety of data continue to rise, including unstructured and structured sources – and a growing need to operate in real-time.

Given the significant investments made in core ERP systems, most businesses are in the augment rather than replace mindset. Often times, this means relying on manual processes that result in business analysts spending more time finding and cleansing data then they do conducting value-added analysis for the business.

Magnitude – with our unified application data management solutions – helps digital enterprises meet these challenges head-on, enabling them to realize the operational efficiencies promised by modern business applications.

The complexity across the data lifecycle creates hurdles for enterprises on their journey to become more data driven. Magnitude’s unique platform approach delivers lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), faster time to value, lower risk, ongoing ROI and deep expertise in SAP and Oracle environments.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what customers are saying about the efficiencies gained from our solutions.

With Noetix … a report that used to take 5 hours of manual labor to validate and reconcile now takes 5 minutes and is generated automatically.”

Reduced the time to market for launching new products by more than 50%. Automation achieved with Agility … equates the output of at least 10 FTEs.

Magnitude MDM reduced product listing of redundant items by 80%.

We use Every Angle for nearly every process… It empowers our operating companies with self-service BI, and shows them where they can save a lot of money.

Simba delivered new, high-capacity ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET data drivers so our customers can monetize ALL their data in real-time, offering a significant competitive advantage.

With Innowera Process Runner, 130,000 updates ran in 9 hours overnight, accelerating Kimball’s SAP data management, delivering efficiencies and decreasing time to market.

Validation is very important in the pharmaceutical industry, as human lives are at stake. Every Angle simplifies this validation.

Magnitude helps organizations unify fragmented data, deliver actionable insights for critical business decisions and extend the value of infrastructure investments. Our reporting and analytics, master data management, product information management, productivity and data connectivity solutions provide access to and insights from trusted financial and non-financial information across the enterprise. To learn more, check out our resource library.