We are pleased to introduce Noetix Generator for Tableau, the newest member of the Noetix family of Generators.  By creating simplified mappings of the data structures within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) in the form of business views and analytics models, Noetix Generator unlocks the power of Tableau with intuitive access to rich business metadata for operational and strategic reporting.

Enterprise applications such as Oracle EBS are designed for efficient transactions, not for easy business reporting.  Business Intelligence vendors strive to facilitate user-driven reporting from enterprise applications by providing generic report templates, the goal being to help jumpstart the reporting process.  However, these vendors’ tools still require a significant amount of manual effort to map the technical metadata to business terminology in order to make sense to users who are trying to find their data.

Noetix quickly and cost-effectively translates the data access complexities into familiar, easy-to-use business views, providing the ideal reporting foundation for any BI initiative.

For real-time operational reporting, Noetix Generator for Tableau enables direct access to Oracle EBS data in the transaction system with NoetixViews, providing users with the most complete and up-to-date real-time information.

For strategic reporting needs, Noetix Generator for Tableau provides access to the information in the packaged data warehouse using Noetix® Analytics.  Historical trending information is immediately available, along with summarized, pre-aggregated metrics allowing for complex strategic analysis.

To learn more about Noetix Generator, watch our on-demand Web Seminar, “Noetix Generator – What’s in it for me?”