Now that the initial GDPR deadline has passed, what are companies doing to ensure that they have the steps in place to operationalize compliance?

Managing and ensuring data privacy is not easy. Magnitude has teamed up with Teradata to help companies adhere to GDPR requirements in context of broader organizational goals, enabling marketers to meet individual customer rights requirements.

Watch our video to learn more about how to accelerate your GDPR compliance efforts, including:

  • Understanding your systems, the role of metadata and why automation is your best bet
  • Building a three-step program focused on assessment, remediation and monitoring to achieve long-term compliance
  • The importance of knowing how data is produced and accessed to quantify risk and decide on appropriate governance

It’s important to approach GDPR in the same way as how regulators see the problem, which is how this solution is built. Magnitude’s GDPR service is non-invasive, can run entirely in the Cloud if desired, and supports ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

This sweeping EU data law is significant and the risks for non-compliance remain high. Do you have a handle of your GDPR compliance efforts? Let’s have a conversation