Noetix Offers Free Trial Edition — NoetixViews for Oracle Release 12 Subledger Accounting

We invite you to experience a free 30-day trial of NoetixViews!

The growing adoption of Release 12 (R12) has created huge demand for better management and operational financial reporting for Subledger Accounting (SLA).  SLA is the clearinghouse for all financial data in R12, yet Oracle’s out of the box reports are insufficient to meet users’ needs.  Financial account analysis, audit, and reconciliation processes all demand better SLA reporting and Noetix overcomes this gap by helping users to more fully leverage the value of their financial data in SLA.

NoetixViews for Oracle Release 12 Subledger AccountingThe heart of the Noetix solution is a single, powerful view for retrieving any set of SLA journals.  This simple concept knocks down Oracle’s barriers to accessing the rich trove of SLA data.  Noetix calls it a “hub” view because of the central position of SLA in the accounting process.  Through it you can retrieve all the accounting transactions, regardless of the subledger application they came from.  The hub view is accompanied by and linked to nearly 20 subledger application-specific views that return all the original transaction details in their area of coverage that aren’t stored in SLA.

The NoetixViews Trial Edition software will support these reporting needs and others through a set of database views and report templates that are easy to install and use.  Click here to sign up for your free 30-day trial.

You may also download our Web seminar (part of the OAUG eLearning Series) and learn how — using any reporting tool — you can securely “follow the data” from the General Ledger all the way through SLA to the source transactions such as accruals, invoices, material, and receiving transactions.  You can access the Web seminar by clicking here.

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