Executive Q & A with Joe Pesce, General Manager, Sales East & EMEA

We recently caught up with Joe Pesce, General Manager, Sales East & EMEA, and asked him a few questions about the new year, as well as what he thinks drives decisions in today’s BI market.  Joe has more than 27 years of IT industry experience, with sixteen years of selling ERP Applications and BI solutions.  In addition, he has built the Federal practice within Noetix.

As Manager of Noetix’s Federal Government Sales group, what is your perception on how the election year has affected business intelligence technology sales at the Federal level?

The election results suggest that things will remain largely the same.  Government agencies will continue the difficult task of having to do more with less.  Declining budgets and attrition rates make business intelligence key to their operations.   This has positive implications for Noetix, since the right BI solution can help all agencies gain visibility into their business, and evaluate how they are doing.

What are the main drivers for BI decision making in today’s market?

One trend is to leverage existing IT investments.  If a technology solution enables existing BI tools to deliver meaningful decision support metrics, then you’ve met a business driver of most organizations.

The vast data reserves being built up within organizations represent a valuable asset.  Skill sets with various BI tools represent another organizational asset.  Only a unique BI strategy is able to marry the two.  At Noetix, we’ve allowed Federal agencies and commercial entities alike to realize the real potential of the data and BI skill sets that exist within every organization.

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2013?

Make every minute count!

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