Executive Q & A with Doug Moore, CFO

What is the toughest part about being a CFO today?

Today, more than ever, the CFO is expected to have visibility into all aspects of the business and also to determine how deep to reach into each part of the business.  This expectation is driven from the huge amount of information that is now available to business decision-makers.  This is tough!  The level of this expectation, of course, varies by organization and even varies with changes in the leaders within the organization.  At Noetix, for me, this means that beyond the typical financial, treasury, legal, and compliance areas, it is expected that I work with business operations, sales planning and execution, new product decisions, resource allocations, IT strategic planning, partner channel development, and so on.  The reality is that it is impossible for me to function at a level that is both wide and deep in all these areas.  The key for me is to make sound judgments in order to focus on decisions that need my attention most at any given time.  Access to relevant and understandable data helps me make these judgments.

How do you utilize business intelligence in your own organization?

Business intelligence is really what I was describing in the first question.  Fortunately, we have Noetix products installed on our Oracle EBS environment and we use the Noetix platform to view data from other internal systems.  This gives me access to data at a visual dashboard level (the wide view) and then I can easily drill down into areas of concern (the deep view).  Through dashboards I am able to view the sales pipeline, customer support renewal rate, closed new sales compared to targets, customer collection issues, professional services personnel billing rates, and utilization.  For example, if I see customer support renewal rate go below our target, I can look at specific customers, the reason, and then contact our sales renewal team for more discussion.

When you’re not crunching numbers at the office, what are your favorite hobbies?

My hobby is number crunching all the time, anywhere, with anyone – those numbers snap, crackle, and pop!  When I’m not number crunching at Noetix, our family number crunches at home… okay enough!  As a family, we enjoy boating, water sports, and travel.  As parents, we put a lot of effort into supporting our son’s high school sports and our daughter’s college education.  For me, I bike, golf, and try my luck at my vegetable garden – celery anyone?   Crunch, crunch…

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