Executive Q & A with Magnitude Software Vice President of IT, David Haam

During the padavidhaamst year, David Haam steered Magnitude Software’s IT team through a challenging corporate merger and he is now gearing up for the rapid corporate growth expected in 2015.

Magnitude Software is a rapidly growing technology company. What integration challenges has IT faced as a result of the merger between Noetix and Kalido to form Magnitude Software?

Any time you merge two companies with completely separate systems and business processes, there are bound to be challenges. Our company’s initial projects included merging CRM, marketing automation, financial systems and operations from both companies into a go-forward platform. From the outset, the company-wide goal was to not only merge Noetix and Kalido, but to build a strong foundation that will sustain a fast-growing global enterprise software company. Our executive team named this foundation — “One Magnitude Platform.”

On top of managing all of our day-to-day IT activities, we have spent considerable time corralling our key stakeholders to understand what data means to them and how they use it. This has been the heart of the challenge. Our intention is to better understand what we need to scale IT for what Magnitude Software will become. We have looked at every system and process we’ve employed in the past and asked: is this the right thing to do moving forward? We have tremendous support from the senior executive team and all the business groups to make change happen. The key things we are now focused on are understanding how we can collaborate better, faster and more efficiently as a complex, multi-national company.

One of the other challenges is around helping our people through the changes. Making changes in systems is usually the easiest part of any implementation and it’s often helping the employees to navigate through those changes that can be more difficult. Fortunately, our Magnitude Software staff has been very accommodating and quite a few people have been eager to adopt many of the new systems and processes.

What plans does Magnitude have for introducing new internal solutions that help the company scale for future acquisitions?

Lucky for us, we employ really talented people who are experts at creating innovative enterprise software! The Engineering Team has created an internal platform that incorporates products from both Noetix and Kalido for our own internal operational data warehouse.

What are you seeing as the latest trends in the marketplace for IT?

With the evolution of the cloud and self-service applications and with business units more competent managing their own systems, the roles of IT and the CIO have also evolved. IT is increasingly focused on vendor/supplier maintenance and managing how all the pieces play together as a whole in enterprise. Agility and flexibility are the new mantras the IT organization strives to embody as manager of the enterprise tech plan.

On a personal note, we hear you enjoy experimental cuisine. What is the most interesting thing you’ve eaten?

Live octopus. Absolutely delicious. Just don’t drop the tentacles on the table because they’re impossible to peel off.