The Essentials of Strategic Enterprise Analytics for the Cloud

As a follow-up to my earlier post on ‘How to Overcome 4 Operational Reporting Challenges with NoetixViews’, here’s my take on the essentials of strategic enterprise analytics for Oracle users.

With the hybrid-cloud strategy becoming the new normal, many Oracle users are seeking to accelerate their reporting and analytics initiatives. Whether adopting a full or hybrid cloud deployment, data access and integration remains fundamental business intelligence (BI) challenges to overcome.

Strategic Enterprise Analytics: Top challenges and outcomes:

Time consuming development: For an organization looking to build a data warehouse today, there are many options to do so quickly and cheaply. However, what’s often overlooked is the complexity of an application like Oracle EBS that can delay the development and time to value for many BI teams.

Outcome: With Noetix, BI teams can deliver more than Oracle’s offering out-of-the-box for Oracle EBS and give them a platform that they can build upon for future requirements to empower BI teams to deliver faster.

Lack of clarity with multiple ERPs: Many businesses have acquired multiple ERPs through M&A activity and often times, they continue to deploy these applications separately to avoid disruption to the underlying organizations. This presents significant challenges for gaining a consolidated view of the business to identify key trends and analysis. Many companies struggle with integrating these disparate systems and in many instances rely upon manual, non-standardized methods.

Outcome: With Noetix, we can integrate all of these systems to deliver consolidated results for better clarity and more informed decisions with integrated data across ERPs.

Growing data volumes: Businesses are producing and dealing with more and more data than they did just 5 years ago. But for many, their methods and technologies for making good use of their data have not kept up. Some organizations struggle not only with summarizing and aggregating large data sets but even in the extraction and loading of their data into data storage in an efficient manner.

Outcome: With Noetix, we provide the efficient extract views and routines to load the data warehouse faster. In some cases, this provides near real-time access to the data storage in addition to traditional data marts. This empowers businesses to gain a long-term view into historical trends.

Supporting multiple BI tools: There’s a plethora of reporting tools to choose from and new ones popping up all the time. Each tool tries to differentiate itself by finding a niche of users to cater to. Typically, organizations will look for a single tool to fit all user groups as it takes considerable effort to support multiple semantic models for each tool.

Outcome: With Noetix, businesses can choose a democratic approach to adopting multiple tools that empowers users to pick the tool that fits them best while minimizing the level of effort to support each semantic model. This is the optimal approach for today’s data-driven culture.

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