How to Enable Intelligent Data Integration for SAP Central Finance

How to Enable Intelligent Data Integration for SAP Central Finance

Does your company need to capture financial data from multiple ERP systems for centralized reporting and processing?

SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication: Enabling Intelligent Data Integration

Watch this video to enable intelligent data integration using the
SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication application by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA.

Magnitude SourceConnect (including the transaction, drill-down, and sync-back solutions) is now available globally through SAP as a Solution Extension, under the name SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA.

The application replicates transactions from SAP ERP and other ERP systems in SAP S/4 HANA for Central Finance foundation. It simplifies and accelerates transaction integration, unites data for processing and finance, accounting, treasury, compliance, and risk.

We’ll demonstrate a use case for achieving cost-effective finance implementations by eliminating complex data integrations.

Key highlights:

  • Capture and replicate every transaction posted to a source ERP system at a detailed level in near real time
  • Empower finance teams to drill down into data from non-SAP ERP systems, such as for period close analysis or to see shipping logistics
  • Enable shared services teams to centralize cash operations such as customer and vendor payments
  • Provide non-SAP ERP systems with a reliable way to clear open items closed in Central Finance.

Ready to learn how you can enable ERP systems to communicate quickly and effectively with SAP Central Finance, improve efficiencies, and achieve more agile faster finance operations?

Contact our data integration experts today – we would be happy to talk you through how to integrate non-SAP ERP data into your Central Finance implementation while delivering the full value of your Central Finance solution.

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