Embracing the SAP Market Opportunity

This week I am proud to be joining Magnitude Software as General Manager, Productivity, focusing on the Company’s global growth strategy in the SAP and productivity markets. Initially, I was intrigued by the innovation and customer-centric culture of Magnitude; as I dove deeper into the track record in enabling customers to do so much more with their data, I became very excited about the opportunity for our customers AND partners. In my role I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the market, defining our solutions roadmap, and ultimately growing revenue and market share by enabling customers and partners to innovate faster and improve their ERP ROI.

Many enterprise systems, like SAP, can be complex for customers looking to extract data and derive insights – especially when looking beyond power users and data scientists. One large customer I met recently called it their “Hotel California” dilemma: “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave …”. Enterprise backbones have long proven to be world-class solutions facilitating mission-critical business processes. By doing so these systems collect what could arguably be considered the most pristine and accurate data within an organization. However, connecting and managing the data is hard, which ultimately presents a significant barrier in customers’ ability to analyze and discover new insights.

Over the past years, I have been fortunate to be at the forefront of the cloud disruption when it comes to these mission-critical systems. Initially, customers became interested in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities seeking to improve agility and flexibility whilst lowering their TCO. However, over the past 2 years I have seen more and more customers looking to innovate faster. Often referring to it as “Digital Transformation” (I’ll be the first to admit it’s a bit of an overused term), these customers ultimately are motivated by one or both strategic objectives. They either are looking to increase top-line revenue by enabling more intelligent decisions, improving their customer relationships or empowering their sales teams. Alternatively, they are looking to reduce operational overhead by increasing efficiency, designing products that get better with time, or enabling a data-driven discipline.

At the technology core of all these initiatives is a combination of existing, mission-critical enterprise systems and a combination of innovative technologies like Data Lakes, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.  Data is at the center of it all. My excitement about Magnitude deepened when I saw how the company is orienting itself to make it easier for customers to gain efficiencies and strategic advantage by easily getting data from and to these systems.

This is a chance to collaborate with and lead a team working to enable the true data-driven enterprise in an environment where modern cloud technology has an increasing footprint.

Part of what I appreciate about Magnitude is that at its core are the expertise and software that simplify and ease data flows. And in a complex and fragmented data ecosystem, that’s crucial for enterprises looking to transform competitively and operationally. Magnitude has built a distinct portfolio to help companies achieve that by managing, streamlining and harnessing enterprise data.

Having been entrenched in corporate strategy and alliance leadership roles for 20-plus years with the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, HP and Accenture, I am looking forward to bringing an insider perspective to addressing the challenges that Magnitude’s global customer base faces. The reality is, most large companies with significant ERP investments are grappling with driving even more value from their SAP deployments given their transition to the cloud.

Today, SAP is leading the pack as the largest global ERP and business applications provider. It’s also the fastest growing enterprise application cloud vendor, according to Synergy Research Group. This is Magnitude’s sweet spot as the Company has continued to broaden and deepen its presence in the SAP ecosystem with data management and productivity solutions for SAP-run businesses.

I look forward to building on Magnitude’s record of success — in helping SAP customers treat data as a strategic asset as they transition from legacy systems to the cloud —and to accelerating growth and driving new productivity innovations.

For more inside perspectives on my role, my new peer, Maggie Key who is Magnitude’s first Chief Customer Officer, and Magnitude’s latest news, check out our CEO’s recent blog article.