How effectively is your organization optimizing working capital?

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Learn how your organization can overcome the challenges of measuring working capital components in an actionable way—and positively impact your ROI.

We’ve created this webinar specifically for line of business and finance leaders seeking to gain visibility across systems and data sets to optimize working capital performance. We’ll show you how to optimize working capital by ensuring decisions are based on trusted, actionable metrics that help you free up cash, accelerate cash flows—and improve shareholder return.

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  • Centrally manage global payments, free up cash and improve shareholder return
  • Pinpoint key areas of opportunity with a consolidated information system that’s easy to understand
  • Achieve double-digit percentage improvements across daily sales inventory, daily sales outstanding and more
  • Gain visibility with a solution that spans multiple data sets and sources

You’ll also gain insights on the growth side of the picture so sign up here to access this 45-minute on-demand webinar with my colleagues, Keith Darter, Director of Business Solutions, and John Hume, Sales Consultant Manager.