New Whitepaper: How to Create an Oracle® E-Business Suite Database Clone for Reporting with NoetixViews®

Our engineering team has been busy testing out best practices for creating an Oracle EBS database clone for reporting with NoetixViews.  The results are detailed in a new webinar and accompanying whitepaper that provide a high-level overview of how Oracle Active Data Guard or Oracle GoldenGate can be leveraged for preparing a database instance of Oracle EBS against which reporting can be achieved with the use of NoetixViews.

The Need for a Reporting Instance

A reporting instance for Oracle E-Business Suite is recommended for these reasons:

• Resource offloading: Business critical transactions on the online transaction processing (OLTP) instance are left alone, and organizations can allocate a system meant for reporting functions only.

• Optimization: Transactional and reporting systems can be tuned for more efficient operation according to their type of usage.  In one study, Oracle Corporation cited a 70% improvement on query throughput on the reporting instance and a 100% improvement on the production instance as a result of eliminating the hardware resource contention between the read-only and read-write workloads.

Noetix engineers tested two approaches for creating reporting instances with NoetixViews, one using Oracle Active Data Guard and the other using Oracle GoldenGate.

Oracle Active Data Guard

Oracle Active Data Guard is a superset of Data Guard. Active Data Guard is a paid add-on solution to Oracle’s free Data Guard disaster recovery (DR) software that is available only for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Active Data Guard is marketed by Oracle Corporation as a way to “transform your disaster recovery system into a reliable, productive asset used to offload read-only workloads from your production database.”


Architecture of Active Data Guard Implementation

Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time, log-based change data capture and delivery between heterogeneous systems. This technology enables a cost-effective and low-impact solution for data integration and continuous availability. Oracle GoldenGate moves committed transactions with transaction integrity and minimal overhead on the existing infrastructure. The architecture supports multiple data replication topologies such as one-to-many, many-to-many, cascading, and bidirectional. Its wide variety of use cases includes real-time business intelligence; query offloading; zero-downtime upgrades and migrations; and active-active databases for data distribution, data synchronization, and high availability.


Architecture of GoldenGate Implementation


Visit here to view the Webinar featuring Noetix EVP of Products and Services Pat Roche and Noetix Senior Engineering Manager Sharas Vitalapuram along with two product managers from Oracle who describe the process required to create a reporting instance for Oracle EBS with Oracle GoldenGate or Active Data Guard.

To read additional information about the pros and cons of each approach, click here and download the whitepaper, How to Create an Oracle® E-Business Suite Database Clone for Reporting with NoetixViews®.

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