Demands for real-time reporting got you down?

ERP environments are increasingly fragmented. This reality adds complexity (and urgency) to existing demands for taking the pulse of a business in real-time. The result? A bottleneck that can slow decision making. For the most part, as companies search for a solution to real-time reporting, they land on the very thing that increases complexity – and cost: a custom solution. Adding insult to injury is the fact that custom solutions often fail to deliver usable functionality in a timely manner. We’re solving that problem with a rapidly deployable, cost-effective solution that’s available today … Magnitude RapidDecision 6.5.

Just announced today, Magnitude RapidDecision 6.5 is a prebuilt data warehouse solution that now includes searchable metadata definitions, business glossary and lineage, and more. It can be implemented in as few as 10 days per subject area. And it features the industry’s only fixed-fee implementation guarantee. Interested? Let me know by replying here, or check out the full announcement here.

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