Data Management Essential Reading List: July 2019 Edition

Data scientist, marketing operations director, CTO, CIO, product manager, head of commerce, business analyst, office of finance professionals … so many of us are intrinsically involved in the data revolution and digital transformation that listing all the associated titles would take the first half of this article! I offer this consideration because transforming digitally truly is part of almost all our jobs in the corporate world —as we all create AND use data to make decisions.

With that in mind, I offer up a seasonal reading list that – of course – includes a little proud “look at Magnitude” recent news, and then dives in to some valuable content for unified application data management, integration and transformation. Let me know what you think!

The Biggest News

Having more than tripled revenues, profits and our global footprint in 3+ years, check out what influential media are saying as they reflect on Magnitude’s 3i investment news.

Today, we’re proudly enabling more than 1,500 global enterprises to unify fragmented data, deliver actionable insights for critical business decisions and extend the value of infrastructure investments through more efficient process execution.

The highlights of our recent insights and resources for this season’s reading (and listening, and viewing) list:

Why Effective Metadata Management is Crucial for Driving Automation: From DM Radio and featuring both our CTO, Darren Peirce and Bloor Group host, Eric Kavanagh. Why metadata matters more than ever since the advent of big data, and as organizations strive to maximize business process automation.  Read the Q&A.

To Build or Buy Data Connectors: To properly nourish enterprise operations—and strategic decisions—data must be able to flow freely to wherever it’s needed. Here are some the realities that make data connectivity a first-order consideration for both enterprises and software providers as they embrace digital transformation. Read our white paper.

Expert series with veteran analyst, Mike Ferguson and TreeHive Strategy principal, Donald Farmer:

The Central Finance Journey: Why Proper Data Integration is Essential for Driving More Value from Reporting to Shared Services: Adopting SAP Central Finance as part of your finance transformation starts a journey that can bring tremendous value to your organization. Learn how to stay on-time and on-budget while delivering the full value of Central Finance. Read the article.

Choosing a PIM: What to watch for: Gain insight into the proper steps to ensure a thorough Product Information Management (PIM) solution evaluation and a clear road map for your product information journey. Check out our guide.

4 Reasons Distributors Need PIM: New competitors, shifting customer behaviors and emerging technologies have upended the traditional product-centric selling paradigm. Here are four reasons a PIM solution is an essential piece of a distributor’s digital marketing strategy to survive and thrive. Read our perspective.

Countdown to launch – Agility v8 Preview: Already the most advanced and adaptive PIM, Agility v8 provides an unparalleled user experience designed to delight our customers. Check out the preview of some of the top features.

Be sure to stay updated on our new insights throughout the year by reading our latest blog posts.