Data Efficiency and Agility Explained

We have written a lot about data agility and efficiency in the Kalido blog. I recently provided the results of our ETL-based Data Warehouses survey, and Allen Johnson wrote about the recent report “Measuring the Half Life of Data” by Nucleus Research. This report explored the value of data and the rate at which that value diminishes over time. In assessing actual customer experiences, Nucleus analysts characterized three decision-making modes – Tactical, Operational and Strategic – and outlined the concept of information decay, or half-life, as a framework for measuring the effects of time on the value of data supporting those modes.

On November 27 we are running a webinar with Nucleus Research CEO Ian Campbell and Kalido CEO Bill Hewitt who will introduce the topic of Data Half Life, share methods on how to quantify data value, and tactics for preparing the business case for investment in initiatives to extract data value at its peak.

The topics they’ll cover include:

  • Techniques for assessing rate of data decay against the three decision making modes
  • How to present the business case for data management initiatives
  • How a ten minute self-assessment may be worth millions of recovered dollars

If you are wondering about what the half-life of your data is, or what you could be doing to deliver better information agility and efficiency, I encourage you to check out this webcast.

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