Data Driven: On Joining Magnitude

I’m very excited to be joining Magnitude as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer this week. As a tech CMO I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of some of the most profound revolutions in enterprise IT – from the rise of the Internet as a commercial and consumer force in the late 90s; the advent of cloud computing, which upended the status quo in terms of the provisioning, management and economics of IT; to the ongoing revolution in cybersecurity, as businesses of all kinds seek to better protect themselves against today’s rising threats.

Yet these tectonic shifts have all been in service to the same thing – data. The oft-mentioned “digital transformation” of business (promise that’s the last time I’ll use that term), is ultimately data driven. Users and applications create data, networks transmit it, servers process and store it, cybersecurity protects it. Our ability to take advantage of what has been called the fourth industrial revolution ultimately depends upon unlocking and harnessing the great potential of our data ­– to connect diverse datasets stored in distributed, heterogenous systems, and to take  informed action based upon the insights that can be found in their tables, transactions and terabytes.

And this is one good reason why Magnitude is such an exciting company to join. It’s an organization that has made more effective management of application data its mission, bringing together an impressive portfolio of capabilities, great customers and a truly world-class team (which are the other good reasons). I believe that marketing is founded upon effective, resonant storytelling, and I’m really looking forward to helping tell the world the Magnitude story.

A company’s brand is based upon – and is never more compelling than – the ways in which its customers leverage its solutions to realize their business goals. And effective marketers want to do more than simply promote or relate those use cases. We want to help customers solve challenges by communicating our solutions with content that rises above the jargon and noise of much of today’s tech marketing, and to build a world-class experience for our customers that truly delivers on the value we claim. A successful brand is rooted in truth and authenticity, and to that end, there can be no more foundational task for a marketer than to listen: to customers, to partners, to employees. I’m listening, and I’m looking forward to engaging with the Magnitude community.