Inside Analysis Webcast: Veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson & Magnitude Connect on the Data-Driven Future

Everyone wants more data these days, and who can blame them? The insight economy is in full swing, and with a good view of the right data, the promise of the predictive organization that’s delighting its customers seems possible. Unfortunately – despite widespread innovation in analytics and big data processing – the nuts and bolts of accessing data and understanding its value haven’t changed in 20 years… until now.

On this special episode of The Briefing Room, Veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson sheds light on why a new approach to data connectivity is required for success in the Information Economy.

During this session, our Tony Fisher and Craig Chaplin demonstrate the power of Magnitude Gateway, our breakthrough connectivity platform that leverages standard and smart connectors (we call the latter Intelligent Adapters) – plus Universal Drivers – to expedite and facilitate the integration of data sources and applications.

Watch the webcast replay here to learn about a new transformation in connecting information systems and sources faster, more reliably, and with less burden on your internal teams.

Key topics:

  • The impact of digital transformation and the need for smarter connectivity to easily access a complex data landscape;
  • How to address the explosive pace of data creation, proliferation of data sources and increasing demand for data access;
  • A demonstration of Magnitude Gateway in action showcasing the ease of access of any data at any time from any application using a single application integration point.

Ready to simplify access to multiple data sources for seamless, real-time insights to business users?  We’ll show you how to eliminate the fragmented effort of data source driver acquisition and maintenance today. Let’s have a conversation.