Tune in to Hear Noetix Brief the Analysts on The Briefing Room

Noetix is excited to be appearing on this week’s episode of The Briefing Room – a live Web show focused on the how and why of today’s enterprise software products.  Each session features an innovative vendor who gives a detailed technical presentation, followed by a respected analyst who offers industry insights and then conducts a live, unscripted briefing.

This week’s show, titled Enabling True Analytic Agility – Bring Your Own Tool (BYOT), features veteran BI analyst Wayne Eckerson who will be briefed by Noetix execs Jeff Kirk and Paul Winterstein.

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 30 from 1 – 2 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Register Here: http://noetix.com?u=5pybj

Description: Despite all the talk of standardization, the fact remains that business intelligence and discovery tools are all over the map, with new and innovative products rolling out all the time.  And if a CIO is worth their weight in salt, they know that end users definitely have preferences about which tools they want for which purposes.  That’s why BYOT might become the next big acronym for information managers: Bring Your Own Tool!

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Wayne Eckerson of the BI Leadership Forum, who will explain why enabling your analysts and other professionals with the tools they want can make a big difference in your organization. He’ll be briefed by Jeff Kirk and Paul Winterstein of Noetix, who will tout their company’s approach for enabling all manner of BI and discovery tools.  They will explain how a centralized meta data marshaling repository is key to maintaining accuracy and governance while also letting end users explore data in a fashion that suits them.

Please note that the Twitter hashtag for The Briefing Room is #briefr.  All episodes are archived here: http://www.insideanalysis.com/webcasts/the-briefing-room/recent-episodes/


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