The Brick, Agility, and Making More Money

If you could…

  • Accelerate revenue recognition by 25 percent
  • Increase overall revenue recognition by 3 percent
  • Get a $10 million return in three months on an investment that was a fraction of that

…would you or your CFO be interested?

I am guessing so.

Such was the case for The Brick, a $1.5 billion Canadian retailer that literally found revenue and profits within their existing operations by improving the speed with which it incorporates information into reports that its executives use to make tactical decisions. With an objective of enabling more agile decision making, the company partnered with Kalido to create an agile data warehouse that slashed the time required to assemble, interpret and make decisions on information gathered from its 235 stores from coast to coast.
And if you are curious how your own organization measures up for data agility versus the industry at large, you can take our ten-minute business agility assessment. You’ll get back an infographic and report contrasting your responses to those of 550 other professionals who have taken the agility survey.It’s a great story and one that NRF Stores magazine published in its latest issue.

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