Breaking through the wall – a race won before it even starts

“Breaking through the wall,” the metaphor used by runners to describe the moment when they break the shackles of fatigue and their practice and determination pay-off, seems apropos as my “fitter” Magnitude Software colleagues recently tackled the London and Brighton Marathons. Congratulations to our runners and their amazing achievement! runner

While I bow to their tenacious will, I’m reminded that those that will do the best on the day are not simply those who pull out the stops at the race, but rather those who have come the most prepared. But, while I eagerly watched their progress on the big day (from the comfort of my sofa) I couldn’t help but wonder what the race would be like if someone else could do the months of training for them and simply turn up on the day. Well, that’s exactly what the Kalido Information Engine has done for all the thousands of Data Warehouse Developers out there.

We call it Data Warehouse Automation, but what it means in practice is we’ve done the hard work for you in our labs, before you even start the race. In fact, we’ve had teams of people training on your behalf for many years!

The world of data and information has quite literally exploded over the last couple of years, in response to the new pace of information consumption. The average knowledge worker has begun to demand access to their enterprise information at the same speed with which they consume information on the Internet. Business users that can get instant answers to almost any question using their search-engine of choice are no longer willing to wait months or years to get answers to information about their own enterprise.

Unfortunately, today we still require you to run the race – to work with the business to define and capture the requirements, configure the engine and trigger the automation to process the data. But we think accelerating your race pace by anywhere from 3x to 7x is excellent progress. Even better, the automation makes it possible for you to simply keep on growing, expanding and evolving, even onto high performance environments like Oracle Exadata and Teradata, without the rework required of a traditional data warehouse.

Perhaps one day soon, we’ll be able to come ready with answers that you haven’t even asked yet, but for now we’re excited to bring you Data Warehouse Automation that allows you to build marts or enterprise warehouses alike, with industry best-practices built-in at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional data warehousing.

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