Announcing Magnitude Software

We’ve had a busy few weeks that have led up to today’s announcement that Kalido and Noetix have joined forces to become Magnitude Software. Everyone here in the new company is excited by the future we’ve planned for ourselves and for our customers. This combination of a strong and established set of BI, reporting, analytics, data warehousing and MDM products creates economies of scale which will increase our competitiveness and profitability and attract additional investments, which will enable us to invest more in our products and our customers. 

Magnitude Software is the company we all work for now, but our Kalido and Noetix brands will remain. We will continue to invest in our existing products and leverage synergies between them. But we will also expand our product footprint in the Enterprise Information Management market, which Gartner projects to be an $18.2 billion market by 2018 in the segments where we currently play. This is a big market and is growing at a healthy clip as customers begin to tackle Big Data and an increasing need for accurate, consistent and timely information to feed business decision-making. In addition the demand for consistent and integrated information is fueling a surge in investment in master data management as the market recognizes MDM’s pivotal role in linking and enriching internal and external data.

We’ve already begun executing on our integrated product roadmap and we are actively refining it based on discussions with our customers. But our focus extends beyond developing innovative products that accelerate the time to value, decrease build and operating costs and reduce project risk. An equally strong focus for us as Magnitude Software will be on customer success. While the concept of customer success is a mindset that must permeate throughout an organization, we have created a team of people who will drive the company’s actions to ensure customers are getting the maximum value from our products and solutions. We’ve already expanded our technical support and services offerings in pursuit of this goal, and we’ll be unveiling additional programs into the future.

We’re excited by the possibilities this merger-of-equals brings, and are looking forward to continuing our track record of delivering business value with innovative products to more customers around the globe!

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