Acquisitions and Competition

As many of you know, Kalido announced our “acquisition” last October. Typically, when a company is acquired, especially by a large organization, there are fears that the company will disappear and never been seen again, or emerge integrated with other technologies.

For customers, this can be a valid concern – what will become of my technology investment, and will it continue?

For competitors, it usually provides an opportunity to spread FUD – fear, uncertainty and doom – about the acquired company. In the last few months, we’ve seen a few companies attempt to disrupt our customers’ implementations with offers of replacement programs and other unscrupulous attempts to get a sales meeting.

But this acquisition is different from most. In effect, Kalido now has a new investor. We are proud to be part of Silverback Enterprise Group’s portfolio of companies. Silverback is a proven and well-financed team of technology entrepreneurs and business operators who partner with management to buy, build and grow great software businesses. This is very much an attempt to raise our company’s profile, not bury it deep within an existing stack of products like might occur with an acquisition by a company like IBM or Oracle. And, Silverback brings a philosophy and focus on long-term customer success. Subsequent to the acquisition, Kalido has experienced greater profitability and double-digit growth.

Part of what makes this so exciting for Kalido is that Silverback is backed by Austin Ventures – a $4 billion fund – which puts us on a significantly stronger footing than before. This backing will enable Kalido to invest at a much increased rate. And this investment has already started. Kalido will soon be announcing a major new release of our products and we’re very excited about what these enhancements will bring across our product in all areas – modeling, warehousing and master and reference data management.

If you missed the announcement and FAQ, both can be found on Kalido’s website.

And to our competitors – nice try.

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