Silverback Enterprise Group Announces Acquisition of Noetix

Silverback logoSilverback Enterprise Group, which acquires and builds industry-leading enterprise software companies, has announced the acquisition of Noetix Corp.

This acquisition is designed to propel Noetix forward in its growth strategy while maintaining its focus on the current core business.  Silverback is committed to growing the Noetix business, and will be making investments in our product development, customer service, and sales and marketing.  All existing Noetix teams will continue to build, market, sell and service Noetix products.

Silverback is a team of technology entrepreneurs and business operators, who partner with management to buy and grow great software businesses.  The acquisition of Noetix will serve as a platform to Silverback’s strategy of building a family of leading business intelligence (BI) products that addresses a comprehensive range of needs from analytics to strategic planning.

The acquisition offers numerous benefits to our existing customers:

  • Increased investment in innovation and customer success
  • Strengthened ability to support customers around the world
  • Improved vendor viability

With access to increased resources, Noetix will be able to expand its geographic reach and make significant future investments in product development, service and support, and hosting infrastructure.  With the scale and resources of Silverback, we are also well positioned for long-term business intelligence market leadership.

Click here to read our press release and here to read the FAQ.

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