We’re 4 years old and just getting started …

Sometimes I have to remind myself that we’re just a toddler with a strong family history … Fresh from a quarterly board meeting, after closing out a great quarter ahead of plan, it felt like a good time reflect on where we’ve come.

Four years ago, we formally announced the formation of Magnitude Software. We had an ambitious goal: disrupt the status quo in the information management space. While we had some strong provenance from our founding entities, we were still an infant, with no name recognition and no following. But we had the backing of a strong financial sponsor, a strong team and even bigger ambitions. The last four years have flown by and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on where we have come and what we’ve accomplished …

For us, it starts with our customers. Today we proudly serve around 900 customers, which includes many outstanding organizations around the world, not least of which are the 1 in 4 Fortune 100 companies we call customers. That’s two times more than four years ago!

We have a team more than three times larger than it was when we were founded. The team works around the clock to serve these customers from our offices in Vancouver, Seattle, Austin, Irving, Boston, London, York, Malmo, Hyderabad, Surat and Bangalore.

We have expanded well beyond our historical focus on the Oracle ecosystem, with very strong growth into SAP – still the biggest ERP game in town – not to mention all the NoSQL and Hadoop connectivity capabilities we’ve added. Our product teams continue to innovate with the introduction of brand new offerings such as Magnitude SourceConnect, Harmonization, dozens of new connectors, some (soon to be announced) exciting new product introductions and some major product releases coming this year … not to mention all the enhancements and updates we continue to add to our products.

Our customer success teams continue to delight our customers, going well beyond the normal call of duty, to maximize the value every one of them receives. We’re making progress, getting more firmly on the map of all the major analyst firms and have won dozens of awards.

Net net: while every day has its new challenges and like every company we don’t get everything right, we’ve certainly come a long way in the last four years. Now it’s back to work, to continue the journey, because we’re just getting started!