Last week we shared why Magnitude executives Susie Buehler, chief people officer, and Darren Peirce, chief technology officer, are excited about Magnitude’s acquisition of Simba Technologies. They’re not the only execs with something to say about the goodness of the acquisition: 

Mike_O_cMike Omerod
VP, Product Management

Mike Omerod, vice president of product management is excited because the acquisition positions Magnitude for market disruption and expands the ability to deliver “awesome products that solve real problems.”

He is also thrilled to welcome in Simba’s engaged customer base and is looking forward to providing them with integrated product offerings.

MikeColorMike Wheeler
VP, Channel Development

Mike Wheeler, vice president of channel development is eager to see how the “broader and deeper partner development and digital marketing teams will provide greater scalability” and allow even faster growth.

Mike also feels that existing partners will have a lot to gain from Simba’s products which will “open the door for a broader portfolio and added cross-sell opportunities.”

KarenP_colorKaren McPhillips
VP, Marketing

Karen McPhillips, vice president of marketing, says that the acquisition is “proof of Magnitude’s strategy in action,” as the company drives growth both inorganically and organically.

Karen sees the combination of the technologies and teams as a route to “greater Magnitude differentiation and a bigger footprint in the CPM market.”

DaveDColorDave Donatelli
VP, Customer Support

Dave Donatelli, vice president of customer support, sees two teams joining forces with a lot to learn and gain from each other, such as best practices, workflows, and processes.

Additionally, Dave feels “Simba’s connectivity solutions are a natural fit for many of Magnitude’s customers’ needs,” and added that he’s excited to see how the solutions will integrate and evolve over time.

It’s clear that the acquisition of Simba has set off a chain reaction of excitement throughout Magnitude’s offices, and we are all keen to drive growth via the newly expanded portfolio and team.

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