What does 2016 hold for the Enterprise Information Management market?

Here we are in the middle of December, in this lull when we reflect over the past twelve months and look forward to what awaits us in the coming year.  Given the recent articles (by industry analysts, vendors and the media) predicting trends and innovations in Information Management, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2016.

The need for fast, easy self-service business intelligence is at the top of most 2016 trends lists.  Rita Sallam, a Research Vice President at Gartner who focuses on business intelligence (BI) and analytics, says self-service data preparation will become an increasingly important component of a pervasive modern BI platform deployment, be it through embedded tools or geared toward improving data governance.Trends

“2016 is the year of modern BI and analytics [BI&A] platform,” said Sallam. “The BI&A market is in the final stages of a multiyear shift from IT-led, system-of-record reporting to pervasive, business-led, self-service analytics. Organizations will continue to transition to easy-to-use, fast, agile, and trusted modern BI&A platforms deployed across the enterprise to create business value from deeper insights into diverse data sources.” PC Magazine

UK-based Information Age says self-service data preparation tools are exploding in popularity. This is due to the shift toward business-user-generated data discovery tools that reduce time to analyze data.  Business users want to reduce the time and complexity of preparing data for analysis, something that is especially important when dealing with a variety of data types and formats. Information Age 

According to BI vendor Tableau, governance and self-service analytics will become best friends in 2016.  Organizations have learned that data governance, when done right, can help nurture a culture of analytics and meet the needs of the business.  People are more likely to dig into their data when they have centralized, clean, and fast data sources, and when they know that someone (IT) is looking out for security and performance. Inside Big Data

Oracle predicts that 2016 will be the year data civilians operate more and more like data scientists. While complex statistics may still be limited to data scientists, data-driven decision-making shouldn’t be. In the coming year, simpler data discovery tools will let business analysts shop for datasets in enterprise Hadoop clusters, reshape them into new mashup combinations, and even analyze them with exploratory machine learning techniques. Extending this kind of exploration to a broader audience will both improve self-service access to big data and provide richer hypotheses and experiments that drive the next level of innovation. Predictive Analytics World

Lots of food for thought as we head off to our holiday celebrations.  We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2016.

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