Experts Say 2014 Will Be the Year of the Business User

Happy New Year!Happy New Year business users!  It appears that 2014 will be YOUR year!  Forecasts for the business intelligence industry are rolling in and all fingers seem to be pointing at the business user.  Here is what a few of our favorite analysts and news sources had to say:

In a recent blog post, Industry Analyst Boris Evelson at Forrester Research says, “Rule #1: IT needs to embrace — not fight — the fact that the majority of BI content will always be in the hands of business users, not IT.”  He goes on to lay out a proposed solution, an architecture which at its center holds the business user as the creator of all reports.  “Business users rule.  Here they author and use about 50% of all BI content with no constraints or limitations.  This is where data exploration, discovery, and what-if analyses happen.”

Over at InformationWeek, they have just released results from the 2014 Analytics, Business Intelligence and Information Management Survey.  Executive Editor Doug Henschen had this to say about the report: “Analytics and business intelligence consumers want easy-to-use products that make data access and data analysis a self-service proposition.  This is a key finding of our (survey).  It’s not surprising, because ease of use and self-service have been high on the wish list in our annual survey for the last four years.  It’s also no surprise to see vendors associated with ease of use gaining ground.”

And finally, Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard noted in an article for TDWI that a big trend in big data was a resurgence in the use of search and natural language processing for making BI as easy as Google.  “Last month at IBM’s annual Information on Demand conference, IBM announced project Neo, heating up competition in BI Search and cloud BI.”  She added, “Not surprisingly, the initial demos of Neo are impressive.  It’s easy, visual, and powerful for the most casual of decision makers.  It could do for data what Google has done for the Internet.  Today, the industry average for BI adoption is at 24 percent of employees, and ease of use is an oft-cited barrier to broader BI.”

So, cheers to the business user!  We look forward to making your wishes come true.

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