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Focus on Business Relevance

Many companies are in search of the holy grail of being a more agile business.  But, those same organizations are trapped in traditional decision support cycles and have fallen into a rut of “business as usual”.  Knowledge workers are capable of answering any questions rapidly for which supporting data is available and accessible.  They are […]

Ongoing Problem of BI/DW Adoption

I came across an article that discusses improving data warehouse adoption among end users.  While the four steps that are mentioned sound reasonable, there’s one important piece that’s missing.  From the very beginning, the data warehouse should be designed and built in collaboration with business users with ongoing engagement throughout the development process.  That means […]

What’s in a Name?

We’ve been so consumed with trying to create a definition to go along with the oft hyped term Big Data that I’m afraid we’re losing sight of why it even matters.  The industry seems to have settled upon a generally agreed upon label for this age old problem that has taken on a modern day […]

Hurry Up……… and Wait

Bill Franks from Teradata touched on this topic in a recent article I came across on the Agile Data Warehousing site.  New technologies that enable the processing of more data in a shorter amount of time are only part of the Big Data equation.  You still need the capability to make sense of it all.