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New Master Data Foundation Shaves Months Off Central Finance Projects

Master data harmonization is one of the biggest central finance project obstacles. The complex data mappings required across multiple systems are difficult to understand and proper scoping is crucial for project success. Underscoring our commitment to the SAP Central Finance community, we’ve built a new solution specifically to solve this issue with the release of […]

Fast Track and Simplify Data Integration with Third-Party ERP Systems for SAP Central Finance

Eliminating complex data integrations remains the biggest customer hurdle for Central Finance deployments and we’re proudly solving this for SAP customers. As part of our co-innovation with SAP, we’re thrilled to release our new and enhanced Magnitude SourceConnect 3.0. We’ve added new capabilities to further strengthen the integration of disparate ERPs to empower businesses to […]

Considering an implementation of SAP Central Finance? Watch our new video

With 91% of surveyed SAP customers having non-SAP data sources, third-party data integration remains a hot-button issue. If you have third-party data to integrate with SAP Central, note that we’ve just released a must-watch video on Magnitude SourceConnect for SAP. It’s for anyone considering an implementation of SAP Central Finance – especially if you want […]

Customer Findings from the SAP Central Finance Exchange

Earlier this month, Magnitude and TruQua hosted ‘The Central Finance Exchange’, where SAP Central Finance customers convened to share their perspectives and best practices. The attendees participated in a pre-workshop survey which highlighted valuable insights on a fundamental discussion theme: the need to deal with data from third party non-SAP sources.

Data Integration for SAP Central Finance: 5 Key Requirements

These days, one of the top challenges of corporate finance is to provide a simple and complete view of corporate financial information. Typically, this involves pulling information from multiple systems and finding some way to integrate it – typically intensive, manual, error-prone work that often falls short of the objective of the ‘simple, complete’ objective. […]