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Data Management is a Business Process

I’ve been in and around the data space for over 15 years now, first with Hyperion Software helping finance departments consolidate their financial data. Hyperion understood that Consolidation was a process, not just a set of numbers. We needed to do currency conversions, inter-company eliminations, etc. to deliver a set of financials that could pass […]

Big Data or Big Problems?

Several weeks ago I attended The Wells Fargo Tech Conference, a gathering of industry leaders and investors who get together to understand the latest trends in technology. The presenters were incredible; John Chambers of Cisco, Safra Catz of Oracle, and lots of 2nd and 3rd generation entrepreneurs.

Lessons from Leaders

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the giants in our industry. I’ve learned a lot, and I hope I’ve imparted some knowledge along the way to others. In the past five + years as CEO of Kalido, I’ve found a new source of inspiration and ideas – leaders from different […]

ETL for Data Warehousing is the new COBOL

I remember when I started my career in tech, many of my customers were moving away from mainframes to distributed computing for those applications that required more human involvement. As a percentage, traditional mainframe programs shrunk and the skills necessary to maintain them became scarce. I vividly recall a conversation with my customer at the […]

See you on Google+

Some of you may have seen I tweeted last week that I deactivated my Facebook account after learning that Facebook had uploaded all of my contact information from my iPhone. Not only does my iPhone contain my personal contacts, but my business contacts as well, over 1,500 entries.  I am incredulous that Facebook would so […]

The need for speed is real

A few years ago when I worked at PeopleSoft, we were marketing the concept of “real time” applications, the theory being that customers who could deliver in real time would have an edge on their competitors. The reality is that most applications still had some batch process, and that the real-time components only affected a […]